John Bressers

Our own staff are most likely the best people to tell you what it is like to work at Bulsink. Our employee stories offer an inside look at our company’s culture. Today, Account Manager John Bressers takes the floor.

Can you introduce yourself?

“My name is John Bressers, I am 55 years young. I have been working at Bulsink since 2021, after several years in project and interior design.”

“I live in Oirschot, the most beautiful village in Brabant and maybe even the Netherlands. We are blessed with two children. A 25 year old son, who works with the national army’s Air Assault Brigade, and a 23 year old daughter who has her Bachelor’s degree in nursing.”

I already had an employer such as Bulsink in mind. Then funnily enough, they called me.

- John Bressers, Account Manager

How and why did you end up working at Bulsink?

“Through my work for Inspirium, a knowledge and inspiration platform in the field of hospitality, to which Bulsink is affiliated. It was an obvious step, looking back on it. I always had a very pleasant click with Bulsink, and a positive impression of what they do. So when I was ready for a next step in my career, I already had an employer such as Bulsink in mind.”

“Funnily enough, Bulsink beat me to it. They got wind that I was up for a new challenge and called me. ‘We may have something that would suit you.’ It turned out to be an Account Manager position at Bulsink. Well, it was settled within ten minutes.”

“Two things particularly appealed to me. Firstly, Bulsink’s focus on – in addition to retail – hospitality and leisure. Because of my previous experience, I have a big network in these market segments. And secondly, the opportunity to finally be part of total projects instead of just a link in the entire chain. To really take the lead, to really take responsibility, to really build partnerships with customers.”

I don’t do cold calling, but establish warm contacts through my network. So that we can use that to our advantage when the need arises.

What can you tell us about your work as an Account Manager?

“My job is to find new customers within a market that I know well. Customers that have a need for our qualities, but have no clear idea of our added value yet. In our business, cold acquisition makes no sense; that’s not the way to bring in projects or to start partnerships. I don’t do cold calling, but establish warm contacts through my network. So that we can use that to our advantage when the need arises.”

“We establish connections with new customers in the hotel industry, for example, because their TV supplier knows me and is willing to introduce me there. That is how you do business. The ‘my friend is your friend and your friend is my friend’ principle. I got that principle from a former colleague and it works very well for me.”

The Bulsink organisation uses B.U.I.L.D. as its core values: Brand-conscious, Ultra-fast, Inspiring, Leading and Determined. Can you pick one or two of these core values and explain what they mean to you?

“Leading. As I mentioned before, the opportunity to take the lead was one of my main reasons for joining Bulsink. We make the difference for customers by taking responsibility, without concessions.”

“We have plenty of practical examples of that. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if necessary, to deliver a project on the agreed date. It is a promise we make in every first conversation with a prospect: if there’s anything delaying the construction process, we will not ask you for more time. Instead, we will go faster. Even if it means that project managers and account managers have to carry chairs or insert light bulbs on deadline day.”

“I also think it is very nice that our five core values form the word BUILD together. It is literally what we do, but it is also a nice metaphor for our mission of building ambitions together. BUILD is truly our DNA.”