Bulsink thinks along with you about your sustainability issuess. Every project has its own specific challenges, and every client has its own ambitions on the basis of sustainability. Bulsink has the expertise to be a proactive partner to advise and brainstorm with you on the possibilities with regards to sustainability. In addition, we have partnerships with several CSR organisations. 

Case 717 hotel

Sustainable choices in a monumental building

The construction of monumental buildings is especially challenging, as their monumental status protects them from big renovations. And their aged structures makes for a challenging isolation and heat retention. 

In the recent 717 hotel renovation in Amsterdam, we successfully addressed these challenges by implementing engery-saving measures. This includes modifications to the facade. Resulting in improved insulation and enhanced heat retention, without endangering the monumental status. 

Case Fletcher hotel

A first step towards climate neutral heating

This project, undertaken for Fletcher Hotels, involved replacing a conventional heating system powered by gas with an innovative new boiler system utilizing salt and electricity. This upgrade enabled the hotel rooms to transition away from gas usage, marking a significant step towards achieving emission-free heating. Furthermore, there is potential to further enhance sustainability by integrating the system with electricity generation through solar energy. 

No waste lunch

Smart shopping, daily menus, and no waste recipes. Our kitchen staff organizes healthy and no waste lunches in Bulsink's office restaurant. Read our blog about our kitchen team's approach on this subject for more info!

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