MR. Stir

New office

The new MR. STIR office is located on an unique location: on top of the Veemgebouw, where the Philips management used to be based. In the building's design, a new glass shell has been placed around the existing concrete structure. This concrete framework forms the baiss of the interior design and remains visible through the glass shell. The design combines historical and modern elements in the design. 

To enhance the industrial character while simultaneously creating a calm and cohesive atmosphere, the ceilings between the concrete beams are coated with recycled acoustic spray work. This not only provides excellent sound insulation, but also reflects a focus on sustainable construction solutions. 

All other walls and elements in the space outside the concrete structure are executed in one soothing color, to create a harmonious and balanced whole. As a finishing touch, a poured floor in light beige color has been chosedn for a cohesive look. 

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