We help organisations in the retail, hospitality, leisure, office and care markets to monitor and optimise their concepts. In doing so, we do not merely contribute our cross-market building knowledge, but also our market-wide network.


At Bulsink we know high streets better than anybody. For years, we have seen from up close that only the strongest concepts can be sustainably successful. And we’re very keen to play a part in such a rock-solid concept.

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Hotels with flexible workstations, or office buildings that are partially assigned a hotel or restaurant function. Blurring enables multifunctional redesignation in the hospitality industry. And if you say ‘multifunctional redesignation’, you say Bulsink.

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As a gym and fitness concept, do you need to open up ten new gyms every month, at home and abroad? As a holiday park, you want to offer hospitality services at the holiday park’s grounds? We help organisations in the leisure industry to achieve these kinds of ambitions on a daily basis.

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Every office must have an A-grade energy label by 2030. Yet, there is another reason why more and more parties engage our services in the office market. The transformation from an office as a working place to an office as a meeting place.

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Uniformity and identifiability of accommodations provide an important contribution to brand perceptions of chains in the care market. Whereas individual practices can distinguish themselves with a very own look.

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