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For Dutch retail chains with international ambitions, Bulsink is a trusted name. For years, Bulsink has been assisting leading brands, such as Rituals, with their international expansion plans. 

Conversely, Bulsink is increasingly being engaged as a general contractor by foreign retail chains looking to enter the Dutch market. PAPER & TEA is a great example. This originally German brand recently opened its third Dutch store, on Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam. 

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Effective collaboration

Amazing growth rate

PAPER & TEA is experiencing an amazing growth rate. The tea brand now has 39 stores across Europe. Last year alone, they opened 23 new locations.

By 2030, PAPER & TEA aims for 200 stores worldwide, says Anna Ebenbichler, Retail Expansion Project Manager: “Ultimately, our ambition is to grow into a global brand for tea products and tea accessories. But for now, our focus is in the European market”. 

Focus on experience

The new location in Amsterdam is the third store of PAPER & TEA in the Netherlands. In the two-story building, the focus is not on the assortment, but on the experience. The main eye-catcher is a large tea bar. The first floor also has a seating area where visitors can relax with a cup of tea or a matcha latte. 

According to Anna, the colorful interior will soon be further enhanced: “We are currenty in discussions with an art gallery about the possibility of displaying pieces from their collection here.”

Significant Renovation

A significant renovation preceded the opening in mid-April. “It’s a beautiful old building, and we wanted to preserve that look. If we find authentic historical details in a store, we always try to incorporate them as much as possible into the store’s design. This way, we blend the original look and feel of the building with the style of our products.”

 “In this case, we managed to reuse the old parquet floors. The result is fantastic.”

Thinking along with the client’s ambition

Anna is pleased with Bulsink’s role as the general contractor: “From the beginning, they collaborated with us on which materials we could potentially reuse. They also adviced us on the best structural and technical solutions. For example, due to the tea bar, it was important to consider how to handle the water supply.”

A first project with a new partner is always exciting, but the collaboration went very smoothly, Anna continues: “On February 1st we got the key to the building and on April 2nd, we could move our products into a completely renovated store. Right on schedule. I find that quite special because usually, you need some time to get used to each other during a first collaboration. For our next project, we’ll definitely know where to find Bulsink again.”

They also have an office in Cologne, which is, of course, convenient for us.

- Anna Ebenbichler, Retail Expansion Project Manager PAPER & TEA

office in cologne

How does a German retail formula end up with a Dutch construction company like Bulsink?

“Our CEO used to work at Rituals, he knew Bulsink from his time there. And they have an office in Cologne, which is, of course, convenient for us.”

With the office in Germany and a team of German experts in the Dutch office, Bulsink brings not only language skills but also in-depth knowledge of the market and (working) culture. 

Communication as success factor

 What is the secret to a good collaboration? Anna, resolutely: “Communication. Bulsink clearly communicates what is possible within a given timeframe. And then they stick to it.”

“Furthermore, I’m very pleased with Box, the platform they use to share information. You can view photos and documents at any time, very conveniently. I also liked that we had an Account Manager for the big picture and a Project Manager on site”. 

Bulsink clearly communicates what is possible within a given timeframe. And then they stick to it.

- Anna Ebenbichler, Retail Expansion Project Manager PAPER & TEA

On to the Next Dutch Store!

“For our next project, we will definitely turn to Bulsink again,” concludes Anna. The city in the Netherlands where the next PAPER & TEA store will open is not yet known. But Anna wants to reveal a small glimpse into their Dutch expansion plans: “Maastricht is on the list, as well as Rotterdam and The Hague.”

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