Fresh new look

Part of the Delta Hotel in Vlaardingen underwent extensive renovation recently. In a time frame of about six weeks, general contractor Bulsink completely stripped out and refitted 24 rooms in a listed tower: from the floors and walls to wiring and furniture. It was business as usual in the rest of the hotel while this work was being done, which made it possible to keep the loss of sales to a minimum. The result? “Our regular guests are impressed.”

24 rooms in 6 weeks


four-star-plus level

Maritime theme

New look & feel

The two themes that inspire the Delta Hotel and its fittings and furnishings are sailing and sailors heading off for a life of adventure. They are present in every aspect of the hotel: from the sportswear worn by staff and the nautical colour scheme to the big booms that are being used as lamps in all the newly-refitted rooms. The two themes are continued in more subtle details too. For example, curtains made from sail fabric and wallpaper with a sailing-boat-deck pattern.


“The time really had come for the tower to have a bit of a face lift”, Director Dirk Overbeeke says when reflecting on the reason for the project. “Our hotel opened more than 65 years ago, but I can’t remember when the left tower was renovated last. The rooms in this part of the hotel were no longer offering the guest experience we have in mind. We are a four-star-plus hotel and guests expect to see this reflected in every element of their stay with us.”

Interior architect Gerben van der Molen produced fresh new designs for the sailing and sailor themes. As the general contractor, Bulsink was responsible for implementing these designs from start to finish. “Gerben’s our in-house architect”, Dirk says. “Bulsink has already done many projects like this for other hotel groups, so it was soon recommended to us by a contact of ours in the industry.”

Loss of sales kept to a minimum

The entire renovation project – which involved stripping out and refitting all the rooms in the tower – took about six weeks to complete. During this time, it was business as usual for the rest of the hotel and all its facilities.

“Although phased completion per floor had been an option, we decided – after discussing the matter with Bulsink – to close off the entire tower for six weeks and then re-open it when the work was finished. We chose the timing of the renovation work itself in consultation as well, to keep any loss of sales to a minimum.”

Although there was barely any disruption, Dick recognises that “guests will always notice when work is being done. Protective floor covering was put down in the foyer and part of the lift was closed off behind a plywood structure. It’s impossible to avoid measures like this during a renovation project. When we explained how much better the end result would be, guests were generally really nice and very understanding too in most cases.”

Practically no snag-list items

Overall, the Delta Hotel is happy with the renovation and its collaboration with Bulsink: “Our regular guests are impressed with the new look. It’s fresher and more sporty. We are particularly pleased with the very high standard of the finish. Last but not least, we have been very pleasantly surprised by the almost complete absence of snag-list items.

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