A Kwalitaria is not an ordinary cafetaria. That has everything to do with the sense of experience, to which we are happy to contribute. In various projects for this client, we combined a Kwalitaria with a Délifrance, another formula of the same parent company.

In the case of this Kwalitaria / Délifrance, the construction of the exterior facade was also part of our responsibilities.

We also include elements such as the counters and the equipment in the design manual of a project. This way, we ensure that everything fits and can be connected in a plug-and-play fashion.

From the floors, walls and ceilings in the seating area to the kitchen. We realized everything from A to Z.

Although the style of a Kwalitaria is the same everywhere, the layout depends on the location. Here, we realized a shielding between the seating part and the ordering side.

Example of a location that combines a Kwalitaria with a Délifrance. Two concepts under one roof.

The very, very, very best. We have nothing to add to that!

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