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Matt Kotwas

Our own staff are most likely the best people to tell you what it is like to work at Bulsink. Our employee stories offer an inside look at our company’s culture. Today, BIM modeller Matt Kotwas takes the floor.


Can you introduce yourself?

“My name is Matt. I work at Bulsink as a BIM modeller. My story with the built environment started in London in 2012. I studied architecture at the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University.”


“Four years later, I ended up in Australia working on residential, recreational and infrastructure projects as an assistant architect and BIM modeller. Australia is where I was fully introduced to BIM and gained different scales of experience working on various projects.”

“For the past two years, I have studied architecture at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In the meantime, I have worked in Spain, planning medical clinics, and the Netherlands, working on industrial developments.”

Bulsink impressed me with its inspiration and ability to grow sustainably.
- Matt Kotwas, BIM Modeller

How and why did you end up working at Bulsink?

“I started working for Bulsink straight after my graduation in Eindhoven. Bulsink as a firm impressed me with its inspiration and ability to grow sustainably, thinking about each step before actually taking it.”

“I enjoy a busy environment, juggling different projects at the same time. It is a pleasure to see that spaces that can be turned around to accommodate clients’ needs and put back in use in no time.”

“I’m thrilled to see that more and more Dutch companies are moving from traditional 2D planning to BIM technology. Bulsink has done it very well. The company found a way to include their employees and make them aware of how it benefits their work and the clients, regardless of their position.”


What can you tell us about your work as a BIM modeller?

“The BIM technology and the ability to get our head around it as a team is important to improving the workflow. We try to plan sustainably and avoid construction waste as much as we can. With traditional methods, it would be way harder to do so.”

“Being in total control thanks to BIM systems, we can avoid costly errors and integrate preconstruction strategies that will benefit the client and speed up the construction process. The information we can extract while planning gives us an overview of the predicted costs and the ability to make construction even more affordable without impacting the design.”


“Determination across different disciplines allows us to be up to speed with schedules and budget control.”


The Bulsink organisation uses B.U.I.L.D. as its core values: Brand-conscious, Ultra-fast, Inspiring, Leading and Determined. Can you pick one or two of these core values and explain what they mean to you?

“Ultra-fast, that’s for sure. The ability to execute is down to determination. Proficiency across different disciplines and understanding each other’s tasks allow us to be up to speed with schedules and budget control. I am glad to be a part of the team and see daily progress, growth, and retail property redeveloped at high-speed and put back to work.”

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