At Bulsink we do not only contribute to the ambitions of our clients but we also boost the careers of our employees. We challenge you to get the best out of yourself and use all your talents. Personal and professional growth of our employees is an ongoing priority at Bulsink. Do you want to be part of our innovative, result oriented, no nonsense organisation  where fun is also an important factor, apply for a job at Bulsink! We look forward to meeting you.

I like to stay involved with clients. Discussing new plans and ambitions, to see if and where we can possibly support them with our expertise.
- Jessie van der Steen
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When I first saw the building, I immediately thought: this looks great! Whatever it is they do here, this is where I want to work
- Mária van Oirschot-Rákóczi
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My line of work demands that I’m on the road a lot. I work where the client needs me
- Stan Hilberink
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Projectteam Assistent

Internationaal, MBO, 1 FTE
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Internationaal, HBO, 1 FTE
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Internationaal, HBO, 0,7 - 1 FTE
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Project Engineer

Internationaal, HBO, 1 FTE
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Depending on the number of projects in progress, the Bulsink team consists of about 200 to 300 professionals at any given moment. Most of them are active at our construction sites. There are also a considerable number of staff at the office: from engineers to sales people and from communications professionals to project managers. Below are a few of the faces you may encounter at HQ, to give you an impression of our team.

Nanna Bovens

Account Manager

Mitchell van Dun

Graphic and Visual Designer



Leentje van der Putten

Office Manager

Ronald Geus

Director Operations


B.U.I.L.D. That is not only what we do at Bulsink, but also how we do things.

The letters B.U.I.L.D. make up our DNA, our core values. B.U.I.L.D. stands for:

BRAND-CONSCIOUS: We understand our clients valued brands and needs. Together, we build the brands of our clients as well as the Bulsink brand. Bulsink staff always thinks from the client’s perspective. Whether we work in a supportive role or directly with the client, every query is dealt with while focusing on the client needs and every employee is always attentive to this in his or her work.

ULTRA-FAST: We are not just fast, we are ultra-fast, without losing sight of quality. We can act quickly, be agile, we work efficiently and superfast. The nature of the work often requires ‘adapting during the process’ and we do not steer clear of this challenge. Clients, subcontractors and colleagues can rely on Bulsink employees.

INSPIRING: We inspire and surprise each other and our clients. Every day we want to do it better, faster and more efficiently. We think proactively and in an inspiring way where clients and colleagues are concerned. We think in solutions, never in problems, and we make every use of our creativity and innovative capability to deal with difficult situations.

LEADING: We are professionals. We take the lead, unburden and the responsibility. We bear the risk and remain transparent, even if things threaten to go wrong. We take decisions where necessary and are sufficiently decisive to take difficult decisions when the situation so requires.

DETERMINED: We are agile and determined, we get things done, and we would do anything for each other. A Bulsink employee cooperates with the clients and with colleagues, to jointly achieve optimum results.



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